Embrace Your Beauty

I decided to write this blog because of the things that I have seen and personally experienced in my lifetime. Ladies, we have to make a decision to love ourselves! If we don’t like it, then we have to fix it! If there are things that we cannot fix, learn to love them as they are. There are enough people in the world working against you, don’t add yourself to that list.

5 months ago, I made the decision to be natural. For those of who you do not understand this language, it means that I stepped away from the chemicals (relaxers). I decided that I would no longer straighten my hair nor embrace things that were not a part of my natural beauty. I quit buying weave, quit paying for fake nails, and started loving me. Oh, what a wonderful time we (me, myself, and I) have had. A lot of people are doing the “natural thing” now and they feel that it is cool, but people rarely talk about the rough times…learning to love yourself in a natural state that is quite unnatural to everyone else.

I have a few tips for you:

1)    Only comb with water. A lot of times, we joke about having nappy hair. It’s actually not nappy, but a very think beautiful texture of curls. Before you touch it, spray it with pure water. Watch your hair become soft and beautiful.

2)    Don’t hide behind HUGE earrings and heavy make-up. Ladies, I am a fan of large earrings that scream sophistication, but I am not afraid to walk out with a pretty pair of pearls.

3)    If you feel fat, lose the weight! This is a very long and boring process. I am just being honest. I have lost over 50 pounds, learned the technique, and play with my weight constantly. The only reason that I haven’t dropped 100 is because I get lazy. You have to be true about your situation if you wish to change it. There is not a diet pill to save the day. All it takes is eating right and exercising. BORING, but healthy and necessary.

4)    Try colors!! I used to be the black and white Queen! Those were the only colors in my closet. Now, I love red, blue, green, pink, and tan. I am still experimenting. If you cannot buy a whole outfit, buy pieces. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

5)    Research ways to play with what you have. I have always had a problem with my eyebrows, so I hid them with different hairstyles or paid to get them professionally done. Thanks to YouTube, I arch my own eyebrows and know how to make them look great! I did the same thing with my clothes. I wanted a different look and I found it!

6)    When you get up in the morning, look at your eyes, skin, lips, nose, and teeth. SMILE! Love it!

Ladies, don’t let the rap songs and celebrities deter you from loving who you are. We all can’t be skinny, we all can’t have long hair, we all can’t have big butts, we all can’t have long nails, and we all do not have straight hair. Your skin, looks, and lifestyle don’t make you better than anyone else, but it is your uniqueness (whatever it may be) that makes you beautiful. We all CAN have high self-esteem! Love yourself!

Photo Credit: My friend sent me this picture. As soon as I find the author, I will let you know.


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