Drop That Fat – Challenge

The people who know me have always asked how I lost weight. It is definitely a journey, but well worth the work. I am actually on a mission to lose 20 pounds by January 1, 2013 and would like to personally invite you on this journey with me.

Today marks the beginning of our mission. Are you ready to DROP THAT FAT??? If so, we can do it together. Here are the rules of engagement:

* You must work out 2 times a day!! If you say that you don’t have time, you are lying!!! Instead of talking on the phone, laying in bed, or cooking a large meal for the family, invest that time in yourself.

* Workouts must at least be 30 minutes. This means that you are doing a minimum of an hour a day. I don’t care how you get it, but make sure that it is an hour a day!! Also, you do not have to go to the gym to work out, so this is NOT an excuse!

* Do not plan to cheat on the weekend. If you have a craving, get what you want. Make sure that you decrease the portion size and punish yourself with an extra 10-15 minutes on your workout. If you want fries, get a small instead of a medium. If you want a piece of cake, split a cupcake with a friend.

* Cook instead of buying fast food. If you must eat out, grab a salad or a fresh sandwich. While cooking, check the amount of sodium in your seasoning. Too much is no good!!

* Decrease your portion size!! When you fill yourself getting full…STOP! Top it off with 2 cups a water and you will be fine.

* Do not starve yourself. You can’t burn calories that you are not eating. It causes your body to go into starvation mode.

* Drink water! If you do not like the taste of water, suck it up! It’s necessary! It helps you remove waste.

* Journal your journey! Include your current weight, goals, things that work, and things that do not work.

* Weigh yourself today, but do not weigh yourself again until December 31, 2012. Stay away from mirrors! In the beginning of your journey, YOU will not see your weight loss. Your vision will be slightly impaired. Sometimes, we want to drop the weight so bad that we do not see our small successes. Keep up the work and the compliments will come.

* Do not work out with a buddy!!!! Why? You have to get this thing down to a science on your own. It is easy to stop working out when your buddy decides that they are no longer invested in losing weight. THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY!!!

* Pray. Sometimes, you have to pray off the urge to eat that cheeseburger! You may be laughing, but I am very serious.

If you are interested in participating in the challenge, copy and paste the information below in the comment box:

 I, (YOUR NAME) agree to take the “Drop That Fat Challenge!” I understand that this is the beginning of a lifetime commitment to a healthy body and healthy living. If I cheat, I am only cheating myself. There is no one to stop me, no one to control my destiny, but me. I will not use my hair or lack of time as an excuse. Failure is not an option.

I will blog regularly about all that is taking place on this end and I invite you to do the same. Ask questions, show pictures, stay positive!!

** I am not a doctor, just a woman who knows how to move weight**



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