EJ’s Love Quotes: 21-41

September 5, 2012, I decided to create my own love quotes. I used Facebook as my outlet. I was determined to reach 50, but I made it to 51. I usually do not post online continuously, so this was my new beginning. A few of my friends have been contacting me and asking me to post them again. A few even asked me about being published! I will take it one step at a time. Today, I have decided to share this information with my WordPress and Twitter friends. Below are EJ’s Love Quotes 21-41. These quotes come from experience and exposure.

21: “Love = Space (The room to live, hang with friends, and spend time with me)”

22: “I have always heard the saying,”If you love something, let it go and it will come back to you.” FALSE!!! If you love something (that is good for you) don’t let it go because there is a strong chance that it will not come back to you.”

23: “Your looks are not good enough for a woman like me because they will change. Your car is not good enough for a woman like me because it will change. Your credit is not good enough for a woman like me because it will change. It is your mind, your spirit, and your heart that has the ability to capture a woman like me, for eternity… that’s good enough for me.”

24: “Love is a compromise.”

25: “If he/she doesn’t want to build with you, leave them.”

26: “You are going to get old. Why not grow old with the person that loves you?”

27: “Treat me right when everything is perfect and I promise that I will be by your side when things go wrong.”

28: “I bow to my King because there is no doubt that I am his Queen.”

29: “Keep your friendships (social) and relationships (romantic) separate. People are always searching for the good life.”

30: “Be honest, even when it hurts.”

31: “I am your teammate. Remember that sometimes it is OK to pass the ball. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.”

32: “Real women never have to settle for being the other woman. If you make the choice, you can’t be mad when you are the single woman. Step up your morals!”

33: “If he hits you, there is no way that he can love you.”

34: “If a woman raises her hand to you, don’t fight. Leave and don’t look back.”

35: “It is hard to get ahead when you have someone holding you back. Love yourself enough to let go.”

36: “If he has to be a millionaire for you to love him, then you don’t love him.”

37: “A strong man desires a strong woman…the weak won’t make the cut. **Hold your head high**”

38: “The reality is…it is not going to be easy. If they are worth it and you REALLY love them, see it through.”

39: “Love brings about beautiful change and harsh realities…love them through the process.”

40: “Smile when he cries, love when others hate him, and understand when others judge him for you are his foundation. **Real Love** Smile when she cries, love when others hate her, and understand when others judge her for you are her foundation. **Real Love**”

41: “If you love me, you will keep your negative thoughts and comments to yourself. We ALL have them. You should just be mindful of how you share them.”



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