Learn How Women Really Think…Sorry Ladies, I Had To Do It!

A few nights ago, I was having a wonderful discussion with a friend and decided to write the female version to Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man. Somebody rich and famous will probably steal this idea, but remember that you seen it here first!!! All of the information that you need will be on this site. I will have to post regularly, but I am committed to doing so. Why did I choose this blog to post this information? The answer is simple, a relationship is also a journey and being strategic will help you along the way.

Types of Women

The Love Addict – The woman who deals with any man who will give her attention and says that he loves her.  

Daddy’s Girl – The woman who is raised with an excellent father figure in the household and throughout life, she looks for men to provide the same type of love that was given by her father. Usually, these women have unrealistic expectations for love. I will explain this in more detail later.

The Gold Digger – The gold digger only falls in love with men who can take care of her. As long as the money is there, she is there. If you are worrying about her being committed, you will have no issues as long as you are bringing in the money.

Angry Woman – The woman that has fell for the wrong man so many times that he experiences blind her. Due to her experiences, she has her guard up and it takes a bulldozer to knock it down.

Miss Independent – Simply put, she has her own! She has worked hard to get it and despises men who are not truly dedicated to doing the same. It doesn’t mean that she can’t be loved, but you have to bring certain things to the relationship to get her and keep her.

What about the baby mothers, divorced women, married women, and crazy ladies? They all fall into one of these categories. Buckle you seat belt and get ready for the ride!


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