9 AM — The Big Chop


Good Morning World!!

Today is a new day! I am getting all of my hair chopped off! OK, I may have about two (2) inches left, but that’s it! I am extremely nervous. I have experienced multiple emotions behind this decision. My boyfriend doesn’t care (he loves me either way), my mom hates the idea, and my grandmother doesn’t know. I promised myself that I would share this experience with the world, like it or not. Let’s review my hair history!

All of my life, I have been the weave queen. During my heavier years, I hid behind long hair. I finally lost some weight and found that I was drowning in the weave! I switched my style and started wearing shorter weaves. This was a great decision! My face was smaller and I wanted to show the world! Shorter hair meant more relaxers. Everyday was a struggle to keep it straight. I told my stylist that I wanted to grow my own hair out and step away from the weaves. This decision also required more relaxers, cuts, and treatments.

At first, this was OK because I was making my hair straight and fabulous! After awhile, I was frustrated with the decision because I HATE RELAXERS! Yep, I said it!I loved for my hair to be straight, but I hated the process. I remember sitting in my stylist’s chair, trying to stay still. My scalp felt like it was on fire! For the record, this was not her fault; I scratched my scalp a lot, before getting the relaxer. BIG NO NO! I left the shop with burns on my scalp. One day, I was sitting around the house thinking about how much I hated relaxers and asked myself why I was continuing to get them. I asked myself this question for months! When it was time for a touch-up, I dodged the appointment.

My friends were going natural, but I swore that I never would. The turning point in my life was a documentary by Chris Rock, entitled Good Hair. The history of African-American hair was discussed.  After watching this documentary, my views about weave and relaxers changed. At the end of this movie, my mind was made up!

The first thing that I had to do was determine how I was going to go natural. At first, I decided that I would keep both textures (relaxed and natural). This would allow me to keep my length and grow out my natural hair. Needless to say, this got old very quick! I have more hair products in my bathroom than I have EVER owned in my life! I thought about having my stylist assist with the transition, but what good is it if  I can’t maintain MY hair myself? Trying to maintain two textures meant two words for me, pony tail! I knew that this was not a good decision because it involved me packing tons of gel on my hair daily. I finally made the decision to cut it all off. Easier said than done…

Yesterday, I called 4 salons about getting my hair cut, but everyone was either closed or busy. By the evening, everyone has returned my call. I was so scared that I ignored them all!

Today, I woke up knowing that this was the right decision for me. Am I nervous? Yes! Am I scared to let go of my length? Yes! Can I do this? YES!!!

To be continued…

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