“Trouble Don’t Last Long”

Yesterday, I took the time to reflect on my journey. I remembered being broke, without a job, no high school education, and sitting on my grandmother’s porch. She came outside and asked me what was wrong. I told her that I wanted to be somebody and that I wanted something for myself. I was tired of being tired. My grandmother sat down beside me and laughed. She pointed out the fact that I was only a sophomore in high school and that I still had a few years to go. She said some other things, but the part that stood out the most was her last statement, “Trouble Don’t Last Long.”

When she said that, I looked at her like she was crazy. I thought that I was at the bottom of the pit and that my life was going to end up in shambles. I figured that those were simply words, used to encourage my spirit. At the moment, I did not know the force behind her words. Time has a funny way of explaining things.

Years later, I was a high school graduate and on my way to college. I had a new car and a job that was paying me well. After four years, I found myself in another situation that had me doubting my future. The funny thing is, I was so frustrated that I didn’t even think about the conversation that I had years before. I called my grandmother for advice and she said the same thing that she said to me while I was sitting on her porch years ago. I looked at the phone like the person on the other end was crazy. I felt that she just couldn’t understand what I was really going through.

Years later, I was a college graduate (graduated with honors), had a new job w/benefits, a new apartment, and a new car. Today is slightly the same, yet slightly different. I woke up the other morning with the same fear that I felt years ago, but my understanding is a lot different. My understanding is different due to faith, time, and reflection. Instead of calling my grandmother, I remembered her words. Instead of worrying all day, I reflected on my past successes. Instead of doubting the possibility of being in a better situation in the future, I reflected on what GOD has shown me throughout time…I am destined for success. I walk in faith, knowing that in a few years, my current fears will all be history.

I decided to write this post to motivate all of the people who are living in doubt or walking in fear. Trouble does not last long, but it will if you let it. In the mist of your worst (or what you deem as your worst) you must be positive and continue to move forward. You must stay focused and set goals. Know what you want out of life, so that you can create the path that will get you there. Use this scenario for thought, you fill up your car and get on the road. If you have no clue about where you are going, then you will get nowhere. You will end up out of gas and praying that someone picks you up. If you know where you are going then you will get there. Know what you want out of life and work hard to get there. You may get lost. You may run out of gas. You may have car trouble. In the end, you still know where you are going and you will (by tow truck, hitch hiking, AAA, etc.) get there. It is just that simple. The key is to never give up and just keep trying.

This may sound like “blah, blah, blah” to the person that thinks that they have tried everything and believes that nothing good will come out of a bad situation. Change your outlook, believe in yourself, and make something happen. Believe that “Trouble Don’t Last Long.”


Photo Credit: http://johncammarano.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Depression-treatment1.jpg


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