Super Human??

Heroes such as Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and Super-Man have always been very interesting to me. If there was an issue, they would magically appear! They would arrive on the scene, ready to save someone from the works of an evil villain. When someone was in danger, our heroes were always there to protect and serve.

Throughout the years, I have worn the Wonder Woman cape. I have operated at the will of others and attempted to save everyone who was in danger. I have tried to be 21 places at one time and manage 4,500 things per minute, but time has proven a scary fact…I am not a “super human.” When I came to terms with the truth, I felt stripped of my super-human powers and confused. Now, I am glad that I had this epiphany.

Realistically, I cannot be 24 places at one time, nor is it healthy to try to complete 4,200 things at one time. Trying to do so is physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially draining. It is important to create a schedule and develop a list of priorities. Define your goals and put them into two categories…short-term or long-term. Schedule all of the things that take up the majority of your time, so that they do not take over your life. Last but not least, do not apologize for doing it.

Pray that your family and friends respect your decision, but do not apologize for adjusting your schedule and making changes that will help create a healthier you. Schedules give you control over your life. Make time for the things you need, in order to be more productive and helpful to others in the future.

Here are a few tips:

1) Set work hours and stick to them! Practice being more productive at work. Do not “goof off” or play on the clock. Doing so will cause you to fall behind in assignments and tasks.

2) Make time for a social life! Only deal with positive friends. Life is stressful enough without the additional negativity that some people bring.

3) Schedule time for a workout or personal meditation! You can spend time walking, jogging, or sitting in a room alone with your thoughts. It will be the peace that you need to begin, end, or just get through your day.

4) Don’t be afraid to say “no” or disappear for a few months! Some of us or involved in several different organizations that are very time-consuming. Sometimes, you have to step away to come back stronger.

5) Watch what you eat! Fatty, greasy foods make you feel worse. Pay attention to your mood the next time you eat an unhealthy meal. The “proof is in the pudding.” Being too full makes it harder to complete assignments or remain productive throughout the day. Leave some room to think! What you put in your belly has the ability to clog your mind!

6) Say NO!!!! I mentioned this twice because you cannot maintain a schedule without this two-letter word.

7) Do not check your e-mail every time that you receive an alert! Schedule times out of your day to focus specifically on e-mails. E-mails have the ability to raise stress levels and distract you from your daily agenda.

8) Practice using the “Ignore” button on your phone. The wrong phone call could destroy your schedule or cause your mind to wander away from a task.

9) Put the “boo” on a schedule during hectic weeks. Sometimes you may have to choose between your personal time or spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you have a task to complete, do it! If he/she loves and supports you, they will understand.

10) Make time to rest. We have to sleep! I used to stay up until 5 am to get work done, but I would be extremely tired the next day! Go to bed early so that you are rested and equipped with the physical and mental strength to get through the day. You will find yourself more alert and more effective!!

Following these tips will help you become physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally equipped to complete any task. Create a schedule, stick to it, and take control over your life!

Photo Credit:

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