My 2 Cents — Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey

I recently read Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey. I became very interested in the book after watching the movie. I read the book in one day. It was great! I have told my friends about it, but I seem to get the same response, “A man cannot tell me anything about being a lady.” For the record, Mr. Harvey did not write a book to tell women how to behave like ladies. He wrote the book to help women understand the way that men think.

Some people may read the book and hated it, but those are the women who are reading with a closed mind. Before you open the book ladies, open your mind. The things that you read may be disturbing because it may seem like he is writing your story!!! Don’t be ashamed! Learn from it. The best part for me was when Harvey explained the way that men love. If enough women read that chapter alone, I am sure that they would be more confident about their relationships. If they are not confident after reading it, at least they will know the truth. The book really helps you identify the kind of guy that you are dealing with. In the process of identifying your mate, it will also help you establish your standards.

Ladies, let’s talk about the 90-day rule. Some women have taken this part and RAN with it!!!! If you are going to use it, please make sure that you have a real understanding of what it means. I am so tired of hearing women say that they are practicing the “90-day rule” while watching them do it incorrectly. Sexting and dirty phone conversations make you forfeit your 90-day contract. If that is how you are going to play, just throw the whole idea out of the window! This technique requires a lot of self-control that some women do not seem to have. Just for clarity, I am not putting down the women who are against the 90-day rule. I am just saying that if you are going to do it, do it right.

The world has changed and people’s views on relationships have changed, but men are still very traditional. This is especially true when men are deciding if you are going to be a wife or a girlfriend forever. I have never been a woman to fight about why we can’t do the same thing as men. You can do what you want, just know that there are repercussions behind every action. Same thing goes for men.

I think that women should stop waiting for a man to make up his mind and determine how the relationship should go. Decide what you want first. I have seen it time and time again. Some women are just dating any man and every man, waiting to be chosen for ANY role. Know what you want out of the relationship and if he doesn’t want what you want, leave it where it is. Maybe you want something different than what you wanted in the beginning right? Well, sometimes the new wants are more extreme than the old wants. For example, you were cool being the other woman, now you want to be the main woman or you were cool being the “jump-off,” now you want a ring. What if he wants to marry you and have kids, but you are not ready for marriage or a family? Things like this need to be discussed and you have to understand that sometimes you may lose, but at least you are not wasting your time with something that you didn’t want. Know what you want to avoid living in a world that you are not happy with.  

After reading it, I have re-evaluated the way that I do things and have done things in the past. I believe that this book could help any woman understand their situation a little better. We tend to think that we know everything about men, but it is our egos that stop us from believing that there are some things that we just truly do not understand. As I stated earlier, the book can be very helpful and I believe that it is something that all women should read. I am not saying that you have to live by it, but there are some very helpful tips in the book. Don’t think that watching the movie was enough. Read the book!!

**I might need to call Mr. Harvey about my fee for promoting his book. LOL**

Please share your thoughts.

Ladies: Have you read the book? What are your views on the book? Has the book helped you? If so, please share.

Men: Have you read the book? What are your views on the book? Do you think that women should read it? Do you think that Steve Harvey was wrong for writing it?


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