Life has been a very interesting experience. The years that I have lived have brought pain, strength, growth, and understanding. When I first started blogging, I thought that I had to be careful about what I wrote and receive everybody’s approval. I always asked my friends, “what do you think?” I now see that the way that I blogged was the way that I lived my life. Seeking approval and direction from those that I thought were better than me…in some way, shape, or form. Reality is, I wasted too much time. Allowing people to define me, clutter my visions, and direct me. I was looking at the world with tinted glasses. After years of reflection and observation, I realized a few important things:

1) All that I need is in me.

2) Some of the people that surround you are jealous of the talents that you are too blind to see.

3) People love you when you are down and seeking support, but hate it when you exceed their expectations.

4) Friends who are “always right” unconsciously work against you. When you identify that friend, stand strong. Remember…once they have been exposed, you will move forward, but they can never go back.   

Most people would disagree with the decision that I have made tonight, but who cares!!! I am going to take you on this journey of life with me. We will have good days and bad ones, but that’s the way life works. I will write this blog with GOD by my side and receive assistance from the best person that I have ever met in this world…me. 

Did You Know?

While trying to come up with a title for this post, I saw the word optional (provided by wordpress). My decision to grow, make changes, and be open was a choice. Making a decision as such was the option that I chose…to be or not to be. With this being said, I fell in love with the word and stole it as a title. Thanks wordpress!!


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